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In a bid to change the world, I have taken the first step to create awareness. I need the help of the good ones out there, waiting to change the world! Ahead of the FIFA World Cup, I think there’s a conscious need to educate about head injuries, especially in sports like soccer.

This campaign shall not be limited to a particular game or a part of the world, but shall be a global movement.

Some of the salient goals of launch campaign include the following:

  •  Spreading the word

It is time to bring communities across the world together, and work towards bringing a positive change. I would emphasize on spreading the awareness about concussion, head injuries, through my story. I shall have a renowned neurologist help me with this, and make people realize that their injuries need not come in the way of their passion and dreams.

Though a concussion may appear to be a curse, you have the power to transform it into a blessing!


  •  Establish Honest Conversations

A major part of my campaign rests on establishing honest conversations… I wish to break the ice and use my book launch event as a catalyst to foster conversations. I would have a panel of experts who shall address real-life problems and real-world stories that could inspire people and make them aware of the ground realities.

  •  Leverage the FIFA Fever

I wish to make use of the FIFA fever to ensure that the athletes playing soccer – the sport I love, are never subjected to what I underwent. I want to work towards ensuring safety and preventing the likelihood of head injuries as much as I can.

With the FIFA fever, I believe scores of people shall be enthusiastic to be a part of this campaign, and I foresee big things happening!

I would also want to make use of my launch event to interact with my soccer peers, and get in touch with the best clubs across all nations. I really look forward to making a major change with my campaign, vision and mission!


Hope to have you be a part of my exciting journey, and help me make a change!