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I started my training center Move The Brain Reset to recover.
A custom created training programs for recovery from brain complaints PCS, PTSS, Burn-out,.

My Story

Once A National Soccer Champion Now An Inspiration For Many

My Story

My story unfolds with layers of passion, desire, pain, recovery and the successes attained after many defeats.

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How I can Help You

In a bid to change the world, I have taken the first step to create awareness.

How I Can Help You

Whatever setback you may have experienced in your life, don't give up.

Let's Do It!

Move The Brain

A proven solution! I opened Move The Brain in 2018.

Move The Brain

Move the Brain was created as a program in response to the lack of success with clients struggling with mild Traumatic Brain Injury

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Be Inspired byMy Book

“Life With My Concussion” is a story of hope. It details how Rianne Schorel, the persistent one who wouldn’t take no for an answer, overcomes the odds and tries to get her brain back to “focus” through therapy and perseverance. There was no other option.

In her book, Schorel, who is on the verge of recovery from a sports-related brain injury, takes the readers through her experiences of “several layers of passion, desire, pain, recovery and the successes attained after many defeats.”

The book entails her fight with concussion symptoms along with the acceptance of the injury. It is an inspiration and hope for other people who are dealing with sports-related head injuries and concussions. It is Schorel’s way of telling them that” there’s light at the end of the tunnel.”



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People Who Have BenefitedFrom My Story

Rianne’s soft-spoken, upbeat attitude fills you with positivity. She has helped me look at my life holistically after my injury and her program helped me realize that I don’t have to take this journey alone. I always looked forward to speaking with her as they provided a lot of positive reinforcement.
I have read your book. Impressive story about you, your life and the perseverance you have. A lot of respect. Rianne. You learn that you can force things down by commitment, passion and drive. No guarantee of success, but very important. I now realize more how important Nanja is for you and your faith.

I read your book with interest, amazement and awe. I can barely believe what you’ve experienced. I have great admiration for the clarity in which you write. I also found it very sweet how you write about your family.You also dare to stand up for your faith! I wish you lots of strength on your path in life. Together with Nanja, of course: inseparable twins!!
I’m about three quarters through your book and I am impressed by your open-heartedness and faith. It’s a very nice read and also the run-up to the incident that literally knocked you out. I am interested in human performance, resilience, and read your story as an example of will power and determination.

A new way of living!

Seeking a new way of living after a Traumatic Brain Injury mild, moderate or severe (TBI)?

Simply re-learning to move and eat won’t do. Do you feel trapped in a body you lovingly took for granted so far?

Are you struggling with basic functions today, when in the past you had pushed yourself beyond limits?

Then it is time to reach out to Move The Brain.