The book

About the book

“Life With My Concussion” is a story of hope, of how Rianne Schorel (author) – the persistent one, who wouldn’t take ‘no; for an answer – overcomes the odds life threw at her and tries to get her brain back to “focus” through therapy and perseverance. “There was no other option.” It had to.

In her book, Schorel, who is on the verge of recovery from a sports-related brain injury, takes the readers through her experiences of “several layers of passion, desire, pain, recovery and the successes attained after many defeats.” The book entails her fight with concussion symptoms along with the acceptance of the injury. It is an inspiration and hope for other people who are dealing with sports related head injuries and dealing with concussion. It is Schorel’s way of telling them that” there’s light at the end of the tunnel.”


The book was first launched in the Netherlands, at the Dutch Soccer Federation, in January, the year of 2018, with tremendous public and media interest.

It’s also launched in the USA, her second home, where she spent her formative years of her soccer career in North Carolina and Mississippi. Her first stop, as a part of her efforts to launch the book in the USA was the ‘5th Annual Brain Health Summit’ at ‘Leigh Steinberg’s 31st Annual Super Bowl Party’ held in February 2018.