Rianne Schorel Professional Soccer Career

i was having a ‘ball’ of a time with my professional soccer career

For sixteen years, both in the Netherlands and in the USA, I was tasting the successes of the game and clinching amazing wins.

  • My vigour for the game was still raw
  • I was close to fulfilling my dream of playing for the Dutch National Team
  • I was a national soccer champion at the peak of my career
  • And then tragedy struck and my life came crumbling down


Sustaining a mildl Traumatic Brain Injury changed the entire trajectory of my life

I suffered three separate concussions. After my first concussion, I continued to play which worsened my symptoms. After a prolonged period of rest and recovery, I suffered two more concussions which adversely impacted my motor functions and ended my career as a professional soccer player.

  • Wrong treatment protocols for my TBI made matters worse
  • The constant ‘rest your brain’ advice from doctors didn’t help
  • A lack of hopeful recovery and prognosis was disheartening
  • So I chose to take control of my own health and cure myself
TBI Recovery

My post-recovery brain scan marveled the doctors

  • I took control of my healing

    Doctors attributed the exceptional recovery to my
    individualized approach to healing and rehabilitation

  • I built up Momentum

    Over the last ten years, I have slowly built up the
    momentum to total transformation and a full
    recovery, which has inspired many

  • I created my own path to recovery

    I struggled with an invisible injury, which impacted
    every aspect of my life. But with the help of family,
    friends and faith, I overcame TBI and got a hold of my life

How I healed from a TBI

Family, Friends and Faith

  • My Twin Sister Nanja

    My road to recovery was a long, personal journey. But my rehabilitation would not have been possible without the loving care and unending commitment from my wonderful twin sister,Nanja

  • Support is Key to Healing

    No battle should be fought alone. Having a support network of friends and people who genuinely care for you is critical to overcoming any set-back life throws your way

  • Faith is critical to recovery

    While professional soccer shaped me into the person I am, my brain injury unveiled the new person I am today. Adversity works like that sometimes. I am a believer and I have deep faith, and make no bones about it. I didn’t fight my recovery battle alone.